Toxic Beauty

An exhibition of paintings, drawings, collages & prints, with the première screening of the new animated film "Atrophy".
14 Sept - 1 Oct 2017

Debris of Ropes
Still from "Atrophy"

This exhibition illustrates what is happening both on land and deep within the ocean polluting matter that exists. Whether it is natural or man-made, with the images depicted I wish to bring to light the damage that may look beautiful, but is deadly for sea creatures and humans alike. Volcanoes spewing hot ash covering areas where people live is a health hazard. Plastics and other forms of waste discarded like ropes and chemicals are destroying our ecosystem. Sea creatures will not only be poisoned but die out. People and animals also affected by ingesting micro plastics and other poisons that enter the food chain and can cause illness and perhaps death. If we don’t do enough to combat these deadly pollutants it will be impossible to turn things around in the future and save our planet. We are responsible and must do our best to actively do what we can.

ATROPHY animated film
The animation depicts a variety of plastic waste such plastic bags, netting, synthetic ropes and other materials that we discard and how we slowly drown in it. As most things are wrapped that we take home, we accumulate an unnecessarily immense amount of it.

OPENING Wednesday 13 September,6.30pm
ARTIST FLOOR TALK Friday 15 September, 12.30pm

Corner of Glen Eira and Hawthorn Roads, Caulfield (Melbourne, Australia)
Gallery hours: Monday to Friday 10am -5pm
Weekends 1-5pm (Meet the artist).