Fury of Woman, 1989, mixed media
Fury of Woman
Remember Auschwitz
Marianne, 1990, torn paper & acrylic
Black smoke
Mexican Family with Iguana
Mexican Family selling Iguana
Only these two
Anna Berg, 1985
Anna Berg
Dendy Beach, Brighton
Black Angel, 1990, torn paper
Black Angel
Sea Line Woman, 1987, acrylic & paper collage
Sea Line Woman
Black & White Composition, 2010, monoprint
Black & White Composition
Old fishing village, China
Mother Ironing, 1964, lithograph
Mother Ironing
Discarded netting as hat
Haute couture
Female figure
Into the forest, Kottzmandorf, Austria
Summer Night, 2013, acrylic on canvas
Summer Night
Nude with armband
Brown and white pegs
Nude, 1988, woodcut
Figures-Frieze, 1984, acrylic on canvas
 Vali Myers in her Studio, 1987
Vali Myers in her Studio
Self Portrait, 1988, pastel
Self Portrait
Coliseum, Rome
Coliseum, Rome
Inside floating bags
Inside plastic bags in the sea
Man, 1995, monoprint
Ropes floating in the Ocean
Ropes floating in the Ocean
Pegs Red/Blue, 1979, watercolor
Pegs Red/Blue
Guelda Pyke in striped dress
Flag 2, 2005, digital print
Flag 2
Nude with Spots, 1990, torn paper & acrylic
Nude with Spots
Monument to the Dead. Kosovo
Monument to the dead. Kosovo
Smoking Popocatepetl
Torn plastic in deep water
Plastic bags 10
Morphing peg
Kinetic peg
Nude Trio
Taxco, aka 'Silver City', Mexico
Taxco, aka 'Silver City', Mexico
Sharmini, 1988, charcoal
Samurai 3, 1986, acrylic on paper
Samurai 3
Synthesis 1
Bird in oilslick
Oil on the sea shore
Island of Ropes
Canetti's Faceless Crowd, 2014, wood and plastic
Canetti's Faceless Crowd
Ropes in the deep
Ropes in the deep
Merry-Go-Round, 2013, acrylic on cotton duck, 'Triptych' 3 piece canvas
Burnt 1
Fish in oil slick
Plastic bags 1
Composition '68, 1968, monoprint
Composition '68
Mosque in Penang 1971
Main Street, Zamardi, composite
Main Street, Zamardi
Jasmine, Conte Crayon, 35x45cm
Ghosts, 2011, monoprint & collage
Raining in Paradise Resort, Yangzhou, 2002, digital print
Paradise Resort, Yangzhou
Valley facing Italian Alps, Austria
Black figure in action
Collage Torso
Plastic transported by wind
Father and first born
White bags in the sea
Synthesis 5
St. Stephans, Buda
Nudes in Sunset, 1990, acrylic & collage
Nudes in Sunset
Debris floating
Gloves to Opera house
Logs afloat, Penang
Reading corner
Roger Kemp
Red Queen, 1986, acrylic on canvas
Red Queen
Penang Street, Malaysia
Totem für Kinder, 2014, wood assemblage
Totem für Kinder
Synthesis 3
Gesture 2
Fishy Story, 2010, monoprint & collage
Fishy Story
Deep in the Ocean
Deep in the Ocean
Hot, Hot, Hot, 1986, acrylic on canvas
Hot, Hot, Hot
Buda, Hungary
Queen of Hearts
Configuration 'Homage to Leger'
Configuration 'Homage to Leger'
Maximilliano Palace, Mexico City
Inside Chapultepec Castle, Mexico City
Homage to Henry Moore
Roger Kemp, 1986, acrylic on canvas
Roger Kemp
Buda, Hungary
House by the Lake Balaton, Hungary
Island of ropes
Island of ropes
Peg Fragments, 1982, pastel & paper collage
Peg Fragments
Punu Okuyi Mask, Gabon
Rome, 1984
Composition with blue, 2011, monoprint & collage
Composition with blue
Ropes and torn fishing net
Ropes and torn fishing net
Dove, 1999, carved soapstone
Sea shell & crumpled paper
Long ropes floating
Numbers Blue
Numbers Blue
Floating bags in the sea
Bags floating
Sunflowers, 1989
Snow on Popocatepetl
Disconnected, 2013, acrylic on cotton duck
Teen girl
Bags and ropes
Black smoke
Crucifixion,1983, conte & pastel
Two on One, 2005, digital print
Two on One
Buda Winter, 1984
Buda Winter, Hungary
Digital collage
Double image
Logs in the sea, Penang
Morning Mist, Sunshine Coast Australia, 2005
Morning Mist, Sunshine Coast Australia
 Enteroctopus dofleini
Enteroctopus dofleini
Sit., 2010, monoprint
Synthesis 2
White T shirt
Dry Dock, Melbourne, 1988
Dry Dock, Melbourne
Bent over
Floating city
Venus on Dendy Beach
Dormant Volcano
Composition in brown
Pegs on Blue, 1980, oil on canvas
Pegs on Blue
The Three Graces, 1982, oil on canvas
The Three Graces
Woman turning, 1993, ink with brush
Woman turning
Alice Dreaming, 1990, collage and acrylic on canvas
Alice Dreaming
Baby drowning in plastic waste
Assemblage with doll
Blue Pegs
Guelda with hat
Roger & Guelda
European Songlines, 2004, mixed media
European Songlines
Storm over Waratah Bay
Study of Roger Kemp
Study of Roger Kemp
Baroque Church, Taxco
Venus, 1972, clay
Ester, schoolboys delight.
Bimbi, 1988
Tulip, 2005
In the Deep
Merle Kemp
Aisin, 2004, mixed media
Mondrian, 1999
Shadow play
Burro, Mexico, 1967
Burro, Mexico
Madonna & Child, 1963, carved sandstone
Madonna & Child
Black Figure
Obi Sash, 2008, mixed media
Obi Sash
Carving in soap stone
Dead Dove
An underwater bridge of ropes
An underwater bridge of ropes
Lake, 2005, watercolour
Blue Figures, 1986, acrylic on canvas
Blue Figures
Internal Fragments, 2012, acrylic on cotton
Internal Fragments
Mellow Yellow, 2004, mixed media
Mellow Yellow
Two volcanos
Coloured plastic bags
The Esplanade, St. Kilda
Boat in Sunset, 1990, woodcut
Boat in Sunset
Embrace, 2010, monoprint
Please re-use
Winter in Venice
Funk, 1985, ink with brush
Summer Days, 2013, acrylic on cotton duck
Summer Days
Loss, 2012, acrylic on canvas
Cross flight
Back of St. Kilda Baths
Zamardi, 1984, acrylic on paper
Popocatepetlblowing smoke
Popocatepetl spewing
Nude in chair, 1993, ink with brush
Nude in chair
Wien, 1984, composite
Yellow Composition
Tangle of ropes in the sea
Tangle of ropes in the sea
Smoke from volcano
After Hendrik Kerstens
After Hendrik Kerstens
Assemblage of plastics in glass box
Assemblage with waste
Luna Park. Melbourne
St. Kilda Baths charcoal
Old St. Kilda Baths
Angry Volcano
Blue Torso
Blue Torso
Debris of Ropes
Debris of Ropes
Alice in Luna Park
Peter, 1985
Alice and Cat,1991, linocut
Alice and Cat
Black Griffin and Alice, 1991, linocut
Black Griffin and Alice
Dry Dock, Melbourne 2, 1988, composite
Dry Dock, Melbourne 2
Samurai 6, 1986, acrylic on paper
Samurai 6
Traps in the sea
Traps in the sea
Bimbi in chair
Colored Plastic Bags 2
White Gown, 1988, acrylic on canvas
White Gown
Hidden, 2008, Collage
Dancer, 1993, acrylic & paper collage
Floating net and ropes
Convent, 1967
Convent in Cuernavaca, Mexico
Bird in Nest, 1998, linocut
Bird in Nest
Synthesis 4
Raindrop Landing, 2014, wood and metal
Raindrop Landing
Indian girl
Discarded plastic bottles in tree
Empty bottles in tree
Floating trash
Bimbi 5yrs
Bimbi 5
Mont Blanc, 2005, digital print
Mont Blanc
Smoking Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl
Smoke from Popo
Bridge of ropes in the ocean
Bridge of ropes
Hot & Cool, 1986, pastel
Hot & Cool
Dry Dock Bolts, Melbourne, 1988
Dry Dock Bolts, Melbourne
Snow on Sleeping Woman
Snow on Iztaccihuatl
Cuernavaca Family, Mexico
Cuernavaca Family, Mexico
Composition / Grey
Active volcano
Blowing in the wind

Artist's Statement

Annemarie Szeleczky: Self-portraitOver time I have developed my art practice in a number of disciplines, such as animated film, collage, assemblage, drawing, painting and printmaking. I have always taken a keen interest in everyday happenings and the human condition and now I want to focus on specific concerns, which change our lives and the world we live in. In my artwork recently, I feel the need to express my great concern for the environment, as deadly pollution is ever present on land and sea. Within my work, whether it is abstraction or representational I employ discarded and found materials.